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Upcoming Events

Please join us at our next event!

All events are subject to change.

UMKC Men's

Basketball Game

Date: February 1, 2014

Time: 2PM

Performance Time: 7:00PM

Location: Municipal Auditorium

UMKC Women's

Basketball Game

Date: February 27, 2014

Time: 7:00PM

Performance Time: 7:00PM

Location: Swinney Recreation Ctr.

5100 Rockhill Road

Kansas City, MO

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Date: March 17, 2014

Time: 8:45AM

Performance Time: 12PM

Location: 31st Broadway to 42nd Broadway

Kansas City, MO

Mary L. Kelly Ctr. - Fashion Show

Date: April 17, 2014

Time: 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Performance Time: 7PM

Location: 2803 E. 51st. Street

Kansas City, MO

Troost Festival

Date: April 26, 2014

Time: 9AM - 10PM

Performance Time: 12PM

Location: 31st - 32nd Troost

3100 Troost Avenue

Kansas City, MO

Drill Team Day Celebration

Date: May 2, 2014

Time: 5:00PM

Performance Time: 6:00PM - 6:15PM

Location: Lee A. Tolbert Academy

3400 Paseo

Kansas City, MO

St. Paul BC Block Celebration

Date: May, 17, 2014

Time: 10AM - 4PM

Performance Time: Open

Location: St. Paul Baptist Church

3238 Paseo - Parking Lot

Kansas City, MO

Ivanhoe - Town Hall Event

Date: May 22, 2014

Time: 6PM - 7:30PM

Performance Time: 6PM

Location: Multipurpose Center

3200 Wayne

Kansas City, MO 64109

MDP (Matt Diamond) BBQ Mixer

Date: May 25, 2014

Time: 4PM - 10PM

Performance Time: 5PM

Location: Magnolia's Southern Bistro

2932 Cherry Street

Kansas City, MO

New Life Worship Center

Summer Fest

Date: June 7, 2014

Time: 10AM

Performance Time: 1:20PM

Location: New Life Worship Center

4533 Prospect

Kansas City, MO

Back To School BBQ

Date: TBD

Time: 6PM

Performance Time: 8PM

Location: Negro League Baseball Museum

18th Vine

Kansas City, MO

Park Avenue VBS Kick-Off

Date: July 12, 2014

Time: 11:00AM - 4:00PM

Performance Time: 11:30PM - 12PM

Location: Park Avenue Baptist Church

3601 Jackson Avenue

Kansas City, MO 

United Svcs BT School Event

Date: August 2, 2014

Time: 8AM

Location: Swope Park

6505 E. 63rd Street

Kansas City, MO

Starlight Spotlight Stage Show

Date: September 9-14, 2014

Time: 6PM - 7PM

Performance Time: 6PM

Location: 6505 E. 63rd St. Trafficway

Kansas City, MO

American Royal Parade

Date: September 27, 2014

Time: 10AM - 12PM

Location: Crown Center to

KCPL District (13th Main St.)

2323 Grand Avenue

Kansas City, MO

Walk to Cure Diabetes

Date: October 11, 2014

Time: 9AM - 4PM

Location: Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium

Kansas City, MO

Harvest Moon Children's Festival

Date: October 25, 2014

Time: 6PM - 9PM

Location: Negro League Baseball Museum

1616 E. 18th Street

Kansas City, MO 64108

Event # (816) 221-1920

Show Stoppers Christmas Party

Date: December 20, 2014

Time: 4PM - 7PM

Location: TBD

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