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Uniform Items

Performing and giving a good show is always important, but looking good goes a long way as well. We provide and recommend particular attire and accessories for the team upon performing in exhibitions and competitions regularly. Being uniformed is a MUST. We not only want to give a great show, but we want to look good doing it. By working with the parents and the squad members we provide quality and affordable uniform items throughout the year. Please see listed some of our most popular items.

SS Dress Uniform

All of our female marchers will perform in our custom made uniforms. To help defray the cost to parents, the uniforms are purchased by the squad director.

Drill Team T-Shirts

The drill team T-Shirts come in two colors. White for the summer and Black for winter. We also suit our parents with shirts as well, this shows their support to their child and the drill team.

Drill Team Boots

One of the most important parts of any performance. The boots come in white/black or vinyl/leather. These are a must have for any female marcher who wishes to march or perform with the squad.

White Gloves

Gloves are usually worn when the weather is cooler, but this accessory adds class to the uniform and to the performance.

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