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Team Profiles

Our Show Stopper squad members are among the most talented and creative kids in Kansas City. It's a pleasure to share with you some other things that make them extraordinary youth.

Deshyia Williamson - Lincoln Prep HS

Lead Captain ********** I'm 13 years old and outside of the drill team, I like to go skating on Friday's and TRY to cook food. I also dance, sing, and watch my little cousins.

Nieya Clay - ACE Academy

Line 4 Marcher ************* Outside of drill team I like to stay home and chill, because it's safer and less drama. I also like to go to the library because I can learn alot there.

Denikko Williamson - King Elementary

Drummer 2********** My nickname is "Nikko", and I am 12 years old. I like Angry Birds, and I like being in the Show Stoppers. I play the Tenor drum and I love the color green.

Oleveia Johnson - University Academy

Line 1 Marcher************** I'm 8 years old and the things I like to do are, 1) Watching Nick 2) Doing my Homework and 3) Sleeping.

Jay Hobby - Kipp Academy

Line 3 Marcher********** The things I like to do when I'm not in drill team is trying to cook, go outside, and chill. Also, I like to go skating on Fridays with my friends.

Savonte Johnson - Faxxon Elementary

Drummer 1********** My favorite color is Red. I like to play with my cars and dance when I get the chance. I like swimming and going to the park.

Shyla Hill - J.A. Rodgers Elementary

Line 2 Marcher ************** I'm in the 6th grade, I like to run and hang out with my friends. I like to dance in front of the mirror and I'm not AFRAID.

Brianna Marie Williams - Kipp Academy

Line 3 Marcher********** The thing I like to do is going swimming. I love lip gloss, and going to the Boys and Girls Club. I have A's and B's and one C........; This is me!!!!

Deionate Williamson - Central HS

Drummer 3********** I am 14 years old, and my nickname is "Mister". I like to play soccer,sing, and watch TV. I enjoy playing basketball and playing games on my PS2.

Kyndall Groves - J.A. Rodgers Elementary

Line - 1 Marcher********* When I'm not at drill team practice, I like to play tag and enjoy doing homework. I'm also in the 2nd grade.

Ashli Neal - Kauffman HS

Line 4 Marcher********** I am 12 years old, and I like to swim, run, skate, cook and dance. This is the stuff I do outside of drill team.

Terrance Fitch - Troost Elementary School

Drummer - 3*********** Outside of drill team, I like to watch my favorite TV show 106 & Park, First 48, and Food Factory. My favorite video games are Batman, Call of Duty and Sleeping Dogs.

DaMiyah Jones - Faxxon Elementary

Line 1 Marcher ************ I'm 7 years old, and I like to dance, eat and have fun.

Myla Lucas - Hogan Prep H.S.

Line 4 Marcher ************ My nickname is (My My, or My). I'm 13yrs. old and my birthday is July 28th. I like to have fun and party. I go to the Plaza, movies, and shoppping. I'm also lazy because I like to eat a lot and sleep.

Deja Curtis - King Elementary

Line 2 Marcher********** I like to watch my favorite show on Nickelodeon, and playing with my friends.

Taliana Singleton - Della Lamb CS

Line 1 Marcher********** My nickname is TT! I love to dance, sing and performing in drill team. In drill team I try my hardest to do the Beyonce move.


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